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    Post  L.T. on Wed Jun 06, 2012 7:14 am

    First some congratulations. We've added a couple of new members. We are on track for a Defenders Ribbon and not far away from a climbers one as well.

    Most of you seem to be making good progress. This can pick up even more as you start working with a sitter.

    All of us need to have a sitter. This is required as part of your membership in any alliance.

    If you are exceptionally active, you can instruct the sitter not do anything (I do this sometimes, and so understand the feeling). But most players will benefit by working with their sitter as a team. I can't overstress the difference a sitter makes. Having build cycles queue between your own log ins and during any prolonged downtime, vastly accelerates your growth. Often, it is the sitter who first sees an incoming attack and can start preparations while there is time to react.

    When you communicate with one another, be sure to note by villa, what your building priorities are (including troops), any resource redistribution needed, and your defense and raiding plans/expectations.

    As a team, it occasionally becomes important to have a backdoor into an account when a player is temporally distracted by that pesky real life thing. Smile Some things come up which can planned for, but to often, Real Life exerts itself without warning.

    On these occasions, the only way leadership can get a handle on a situation is by using the sitter to monitor things on the inside. I've ran ops like this in past rounds. Defending an absent player just can't be done without being able to see wheat consumption. (We are currently going through this with an account.)

    If you keep one empty sitter slot, you can may be able to pick up a temporary sitter by joining the chat on skype and asking there. Very useful when your spouse or parent makes demands on your time in the middle of critical or time sensitive activities.

    You can ask to add me to your contacts on skype, and I'll get you in the TNB room. My handle is L.T.469

    Sitter tip: Before logging off, send yourself an IGM with the subject title "Sitter" to leave building instructions/priorities for your sitter. If you use gold, you can set a link to the notebook and leave instructions there.

    A quick reminder to look around for players who should be part of our team. Keep up the good work!


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