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    Now you're in the Stronghold MM


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    Now you're in the Stronghold MM Empty Now you're in the Stronghold MM

    Post  L.T. on Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:36 pm

    Now you're in the Stronghold

    Once you get established in a stronghold location, the question arises "What do I do with my spawn?"

    In a previous missive, I stated the primary purpose of the spawn is to build 3 settlers and get them rolling to a stronghold location. When the settlers launch, the focus of the spawn immediately shifts to throwing parties and shipping R's to the new settlement. You may find, that after raising the the fields, even with a Trade Office, you have more R's left after the parties, than you can ship. Convert the surplus R's to defensive troops for your and others spawn villa. These troops are expendable. Put them in front of any attack where they can hurt the raider. When they're lost, make more.

    You'll reach a point, where the spawn becomes more bother than it's worth. This will frequently coincide with the point when your cropper needs to be made the capital, so you can start the 11 level fields. This leaves your spawn vulnerable to chiefing. Time to get rid of it.

    Best solution: a friendly chiefing, if an ally is building a cluster nearby. Otherwise, it must be catted down.

    Keep throwing parties and shipping out R's to the last. Start demo'ing it yourself, using the Main Building to tear down some unused structures. Ask [Player]Mastermind[/Player] to have it catted down.

    Meantime (or before), take a residence in your cluster to level 20, and build a 2nd set of settlers to have ready. When the spawn disappears (though catting or chiefing), your total CP remains unchanged, and thus, you can immediately found another villa in your cluster area. Be ready to do so. Smile

    Total number of villa you are allowed is a function of total accumulated CP. CP is never lost or destroyed. It can't be raided or traded. A lot of players don't quite grasp this. CP is the 5th, and most important Resource.

    Tip: A 20 level Embassy or Academy is the equivalent of throwing a small party every 3.27 days, except you only have to pay for it once. Every feeder villa I settler will eventually have both at level 20. Smile


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