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    Building for CP MM


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    Building for CP MM Empty Building for CP MM

    Post  L.T. on Wed Jun 06, 2012 7:16 am

    Building for CP

    The following is a guide I came across a while back. It has served me well. Remember, it is a guide, not a blueprint. Example: When logging out for a while, look ahead for something with a long build time. Let it build while logged off so you can queue something else when you log back in.

    There have been some templates for the spawn village, but they are all very dependent on your personal goals/role as well as the tribe.

    For new villages on a reasonably developed account, however, there is only 1 principal difference: Roman or not. When you are a Roman and can build fields and infrastructure at the same time, the question doesn't exist. As a non-Roman, I personally, found the following order working the best for an average feeder village (let's say 4-4-4-6):

    1. The very basics:

    Warehouse 1
    Granary 1
    Rally Point 1
    Wheat fields to 1
    Wood/Clay/Iron fields to 1
    Wheat fields to 3
    Main Building to 11

    All lv 1 fields are a must as they cost nothing and have an amazing efficiency. Wheat goes to lv 3 to provide wheat required for the next phase. RP as a precautionary measure, always helps to see who is coming. And we want to start shortening the construction times too, so MB to 11 which is the most cost efficient level for it.

    2. The foundation of culture:

    Market 1
    Embassy 1
    Palisade 1
    Barracks 1
    Barracks 2
    Barracks 3
    Academy 1
    Armory 1
    Academy 2
    Academy 3
    Blacksmith 1
    Embassy 2
    Academy 4
    Academy 5

    The buildings built to this point are not just the requirements for almost all possible village models, they are also the top of the CP-per-resource list. They cost almost nothing and start producing CP right away. Wheat fields at this point are built up (to lv 3) just to provide the wheat for these buildings.

    3. Get the party started:

    Wheat fields to 4
    Warehouse to 9
    Granary to 8
    Academy to 10
    Town Hall 1
    Start small parties

    This part is optional but without running parties the wait for CP is way too long. IMO every village (not counting the first 2-3 of course) should start partying ASAP.

    4. Main Building to 20.

    You will end up upgrading it to 20 anyway, so why wait? The faster you get it to lv 20 the more time you save building everything else. The only thing I prioritize over this is culture. But now that culture is up and running - get MB to 20 before building the rest of the stuff.

    5. More culture:

    Wheat fields to 6
    Flour Mill 1
    Embassy to 10
    Market to 10

    Getting academy, embassy and market to 10 concludes the list of the best CP-per-resource buildings. Wheat upgrades are just what's required. Flour Mill is in it's spot recommended by Kirilloid.

    6. Complete the feeder:

    Warehouse to 13
    Granary to 13
    Wheat fields to 7
    Flour Mill 2
    All resource fields to 7
    Wheat fields to 8
    Flour Mill 3
    All resource fields to 8
    Wheat fields to 9
    Flour Mill 4
    1 Wheat field 10
    Flour Mill 5
    Bakery 1
    Bakery 2
    2 more Wheat 10
    Bakery 3
    All wheat to 10
    Bakery 4 and 5
    Wood 9
    Wood 10
    Sawmill 1 2 3
    2x Wood 9
    Sawmill 4
    All wood to 10
    Sawmill 5
    Clay 9
    Clay 10
    Brickworks 1 2 3
    2x Clay 9
    Brickworks 4
    All clay to 10
    Brickworks 5
    Iron 9
    Iron 10
    Iron Foundry 1 2 3
    2x Iron 9
    Iron Foundry 4
    All iron to 10
    Iron Foundry 5

    If the village is not 4-4-4-6 then build the best resource first, naturally. And the production part is complete. After that it all depends on what you want to do with the village. If it's a pure feeder you might want to build Blacksmith 3 (required), Stable 10 (required) and Trade Office 10. If it's a hammer or an anvil - build the appropriate stuff. When your account is already well-developed and the wait for CP for new villages is getting long again - do big parties and upgrade Town Halls to 17 (after 17 they become REALLY expensive and frankly not worth it).

    This is the template I've developed and I have been using it to sim to a top 10 size account and a very large (probably top 10 too) anvil, so it works rather well.

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